I’ve been doing a lot of study on people who have achieved enormous success in their life. As a human behaviour specialist, I’m obsessed with how people create extraordinary lives and achieve extraordinary things.

I became faced with an endless list of resources – all sharing strategies, tips, secrets and insights on how to create success. I’ve read many interesting stories and watched hours and hours of videos. I’ve gathered so much gold that I wanted to share one of those nuggets with you today. I trust you will find this valuable.

There is a very powerful distinction between those who succeed and those who don’t: it’s positive communication. Firstly, it’s the way we communicate to ourselves and secondly, it’s the way we communicate to others.

My tip to improve your internal communication.

In every situation, we have two choices with how we communicate with ourselves. We can be unenthusiastic and disempowering, or we can be constructive and empowering. It sounds simple, and it is. When something happens to us either personally or professionally, it is the ‘thing we choose’ to tell ourselves in that moment that will greatly affect the way we feel, and the action we take.

For example, you could tell yourself: “I can’t do this”, “why did this happen to me?” or “this is too hard so I’m not going to continue”? Alternatively, you could tell yourself: “This is not the end of the world”, “I’ve got the resources I need to turn this around” or “how can I use this to get ahead?”.

Can you feel the power behind each statement? I’m sure you can think of a time where you have experienced both scenarios, depending on your mood and situation. My point is, your actions are a direct reflection of your internal dialogue. Be aware of how you communicate and choose the option that empowers you.

My tip to improve your external communication.

We express externally how we are feeling and what we are thinking internally. Consider the example above and think about how different the conversation and physiology (the way we hold ourselves) will be between someone who has disempowering thoughts, verses someone with empowering thoughts.

Who do you think will be talking about the exciting opportunity that they have just discovered? Who do you think will be walking with their shoulders back and head help high? Who do you think will make others feel determined and energised when they walk into a room? Who do you think will get the better result? Who do you think will be more likely to achieve success?

As you can see, communication is absolutely critical in achieving success and improving our results. And my favourite part is, we have the power to control both internal and external conversations.

When you face your next set back, consider how you can communicate differently so that you’re supporting yourself and others. It might be the small change required to help you achieve your goal, motivate your team to win, influence an investor or close your next important sale opportunity.

Love, MD