I can honestly say that learning how to master your mindset is one of the most life-changing skills I’ve come across as a Human Behaviour Specialist. I’ve been teaching my clients, principles to adopt a growth mindset for over 18 months now, and every time, my clients move from stress, failure, fear, self-doubt to creating outstanding results.

One of my favourite quotes is, “You are what you think. Change your thinking and your world changes”. I love this quote because it reminds me to get out of my own way! That means, everything we do, say and feel starts with a thought. If our thoughts are negative, disempowering, selfish or lazy, then we’re limiting ourselves from experiencing a world of possibility and success. We’re literally stopping ourselves from being our best.

I have seen people transform their lives when implementing the mindset principles and techniques used in our coaching sessions. For example, clients have reached their ideal weight goals, received promotions, improved personal and professional relationships or leveraged their darkest fear.

Mastering your mindset means that you’re able to build an incredible source of internal power that allows you to shift from problem to opportunity, from blame to responsibility, from hate to love. I often wonder why this isn’t taught in schools.

Luckily, the principles of success for mastering your mindset are simple. However, like most things worthwhile in life, they take thought, practice and determination.

Here are my five tips to help you understand why you may not be achieving your goals, and most importantly what you can do about it.

  1. Start with the end in mind.

Know exactly what you want from the very beginning. Be clear on your desired outcome by visualizing your life once you’ve achieved it. Visualization is a very powerful way of helping our minds connect with the outcome we want. Our brain then becomes better at seeking and filtering the evidence to support our goals towards success.

  1. Remove any limiting beliefs.

A belief is what we think is true; it’s our perception of reality.

We create beliefs consciously and unconsciously and they are based on our experiences and our environment. Our beliefs are totally made up by us, which means we can change them.

Have you ever wondered why your take on the world is different to someone else? It is because our belief systems are different: the way we see ourselves and the world around us is unique to us.

Identify any beliefs that don’t serve and support you and your goals. For example, I’ve never been fit so I won’t try my hardest in class, I’m not a good runner so I won’t join the running group or I’ll never be able to afford that car. Get rid of the beliefs that aren’t supporting you, and replace them with new ones. Immediately!

  1. Be 100% responsible.

So many people go through life accepting things that happen to them. They think they have little or no control over their life.

My advice is to empower yourself by accepting that you’re 100% responsible for the results and also the non-results in your life. If you’re constantly blaming others or things, you’re giving away your power and ability to change.

Change your mindset and gain control of what happens in your life. If you mess up or miss a gym session, don’t waste time and energy beating yourself up about it. Accept responsibility and commit to finding a solution or work extra hard in weights class tomorrow, no excuses.

  1. Take the right action.

There is no substitute for taking action. You must be willing to act as often as required to move towards your goal. I’ve had a lot of great ideas that never came to fruition because I didn’t act on them. Writing down your goal and doing the action inconsistently, typically doesn’t work.

If you want to earn more money or reach your ideal fitness goal, then you need to identify the right actions that are going to get your desired results. If you know someone who has the results you want, then model their strategy. Understand and copy their strategy for success and do it until you’ve reached your goal.

If you’ve been trying for the last three to six months and nothing has worked for you, then you need to do something differently. Taking the right action is the key.

  1. Don’t fear failure.

I love this one. I believe that there is no such thing as failure, unless of course you stop trying and give up altogether. Don’t do this.

If you try, and it doesn’t work, then this is your opportunity to listen for valuable feedback. Listen to your environment, body, and/or peers telling you what’s been effective or ineffective.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t get it first. Most people don’t. Do you think Michael Jordan considered his 4,000 missed shots to be failures? Of course not, he continued practicing and perfecting his skill until he got the results he wanted.

The reason this tip is gold, is because it removes the fear from trying in the first place. Remove your fear of failure and replace it with the right learning.

Adopt one or two changes within 24 hours, and notice what you’re feeling and seeing over the next few weeks.

Love, MD x