Why is it that some people are just so damn good at getting things done, being successful or always reaching new goals?

In the past, I believed that they had better resources and more knowledge than me. I used it as an excuse not to try so hard or to set high goals. I often told myself that I couldn’t play at their level because I didn’t have the same time, connections, confidence, money and/or level of education as them. Does this sound familiar?

Now, I’m happy to confirm that it’s all nonsense. They were just convenient excuses that forced me to play an easier game. I’m done with the smaller game and I’m sure you are too.

Anthony Robbins, the number one global authority on personal development, is one of my mentors. I’ve been studying his work for over 18 months and in that time I’ve learnt a thing or two, and I want to share that with you.

What separates us from others is learning how to master our self: effectively managing our emotions, thoughts and physiology, as well as being resourceful rather than relying on external resources. For example, tapping into emotions such as compassion, love and resilience are the best way for us to be resourceful.

To put that more simply; success comes from within and sadly, we are often the chokehold of our own triumphs.

A champion gladiator, preparing to win a battle against his next opponent, has mastered his internal world. No matter what hell he is about to face, his secret weapon comes from within. Imagine his rate of success if he relied on external resources and others to succeed?

Coming up against hard challenges and roadblocks is part of life. Instead, be a gladiator and stand out from the crowd. While everyone else is shrinking and retreating to safety, tap into your internal power, and charge forward. What you’ll soon notice is the old challenges aren’t hard any more.

Have fun exploring your inner gladiator!

Love, MD x